Sports Car Accessories – What You Need To Know

Installing sports car accessories and electronic driving aids makes for a more pleasurable driving experience and adds value to your vehicle. The superior level of equipment and the resulting benefits from such enhancements will contribute to a more enjoyable drive. The reasons why drivers install sports car accessories usually come down to style and practical benefit but there is an almost illicit desire to personalise one’s vehicle in subtle ways – to give it a personality of its own and thereby make it unique.

Road trips are frequently tedious, more so if the same route is driven on a regular basis. An otherwise enjoyable view and captivating scenery may cease to provide the appeal that it once held. In such cases, a quality entertainment system can provide a welcome diversion and help keep the driver alert. There are a number of such sports car accessories that can improve the experience of drivers on their quest to master the highways.

The Global Positioning System or Satellite Navigation System provides invaluable route planning and progress assistance from both its pre-loaded area maps and the network of geostationary satellites arranged strategically around the earth. Depending on the region in which you are travelling, it is not unusual for the on-board maps to contain detailed information about more than 2,000,000 destinations. The GPS equipped vehicle is able to locate with ease a wide variety of points of interest such as the nearest fuel supply, cash point machines, or a nearby hospital in the event of an illness or accident.

Taking along a portable DVD player can alleviate passenger boredom, making for a less stressful ride, especially if the entire family is in the car. Children may watch their favourite movies throughout the trip and older passengers can enjoy their own particular passions. It is important to make sure that the DVD player is set up in such a way that it cannot divert the driver’s attention otherwise unpleasant consequences may result. Providing that the DVD player is professionally fitted and with due consideration for the driver it may prove invaluable in keeping the peace on a long journey.

Being prepared for unfortunate mishaps is never a bad idea as long as the preparations aren’t unduly complex. To this end, bringing along a set of jump leads can save unnecessary delays in the event of encountering a flat battery. It is a good idea to always have jump-start cables in the car when out on the road. There are times when a driver may experience battery problems and will need the help of a breakdown service or a fellow driver. Being armed with a set of jump leads and with the assistance of a passing motorist, it should be possible to get back on the road quickly and avoid the need to call out a breakdown service with all of the delays, uncertainties and stress that such an incident may involve.

Often overlooked is the question of the quality of the standard tooling provided in the emergency tool kit of the average vehicle. Two areas that may cause unnecessary stress are jacking devices which may prove complex to use or don’t work very well and inadequate wheel nut wrenches. Wheel nut wrenches may work fine when the vehicle is new and clean but after some time on the road, a wheel change may need a much heavier duty wrench to apply the necessary force to undo wheel nuts. Unfortunately, this is usually overlooked and a problem is often only discovered if a wheel needs to be changed. If the standard wrench is not up to the job then a breakdown service call out will be necessary. Time and money spent upgrading the vehicle’s emergency tooling may prove to be a good investment.

While the benefits of bringing along a portable DVD player are clear, it is generally better to have an in-car entertainment system permanently fitted in the vehicle. This is preferable to using a portable DVD player in the car as forward planning becomes unnecessary apart from choosing an appropriate disc or two for the trip. For around $1800 it is possible to fit a package such as the “audiovox” that will let younger passengers play video games and watch movies on the built-in media system player. It may, however, still be better to use a portable system if the vehicle is not going to be kept for very long or if one has hired a vehicle for a particular trip. In addition, if the family has more than one vehicle and both are used for long journeys, it may be better to have one portable system that can be swapped easily between vehicles. Everything depends in such cases on individual circumstances.

Without a doubt sports car accessories make for enhanced driving pleasure. There are many more devices that can be fitted depending on the owner’s individual preferences. Sports car accessories are beneficial as well in that they will usually increase the car’s value and may help sell the vehicle when the time comes to make a change.

Traffic Officer Madrid Style

This Traffic Officer Knows How To Get Her Own Way
This Traffic Officer Knows How To Get Her Own Way

Without doubt this Madrid Traffic Officer knows a thing or two about getting her own way. Sporting subtly appealing navy combat trousers and a disarming pony tail cascading discretely from her police baseball cap, she has thoughtfully chosen a modest medium visibility t-shirt to strike the balance between command of her junction and her role as civic ambassador. Note the carefully chosen silver bracelets adorning her left wrist and strategically placed speaker microphone from her two-way radio. Just in case any passing motorist were to be foolish enough to show disrespect, she has instant access to her far larger and uglier bearded colleague in a local traffic pursuit vehicle who waits brooding in the shadows because he fared far worse than her in their recent “customer care” course. Should she need the cavalry, our fair lady reasons, who better to have on call than “Captain Blackbeard” himself to inject a little reality into the situation. Maybe the suggestion was made that she may polish his baton for him should he come to her assistance in timely fashion – although in truth that was probably idle gossip in the traffic department canteen! Frivolity apart, wouldn’t it be nice to see more such thoughtfully turned-out traffic officers managing the world’s population centres?

Why Drivers Love Sports Cars

There are two main elements that arouse the emotional bond between the sports car and its owner.  The first, not surprisingly, is the whole driving experience. In almost the same breath is style – the raw good looks that set the pulse racing as much as the driver would love to, given a clear track and the opportunity to use it. Some might argue that it is style first and the driving experience second. That debate will rage until the teleport  takes over. What is not in doubt is the passion stirred by the drive and the style experience.

To the sports car enthusiasts there is the bonding experience – at clubs, town meets and road trips. There is undeniably something special in sports cars that creates a unique attraction and attachment, making them making them among the most desired vehicles on the market. Some say that sports cars are “toys for boys”. Few would argue with that. Even fewer bother to express it in the first place.  Studies do show that sports cars are a popular passion with many men and they often occupy the time, as well as the hearts, of many.

Here are some reasons why sports cars are quite so popular:

  • Sports cars are popular because they are symbolic, asserting both independence and freedom. Drivers are hindered no more by the perceived limitations and inadequacy of mainstream vehicles and are able to enjoy a spirited driving experience tackling the roads with ease. This perception of freedom makes sports car popular.
  • Sports cars are popular because of their leading-edge technology.  People are attracted to technological progress; sports cars at their best are a pleasing blend of technical and mechanical expertise.  Sports cars are considered by their devotees to be a blend of technological advancement; from engines with attitude to aerodynamic tailoring, sport cars symbolise the forefront of industrial design.
  • Sports cars are popular because they satisfy the desire for control. Sports cars are sold, as research shows, on the promise of being highly responsive.  The driver perceives themselves to be in complete control. If you are going to drive one you need to be. With great power comes great responsibility.
  • Sports cars are popular because they appeal to the driver’s passion for power and speed on the road, although with roads in many countries becoming ever more crowded it is power levels that are seen as the main benefit to enable drivers to remove themselves in timely manner from harm’s way.

While some look for performance, others have a passion for style. There are those who want both. It is to these two key desires that the manufacturers address their expertise and peak of innovative design. Your own personal reason for possessing a sports car does not really matter in the final analysis. If there is something you want and you can comfortably afford it, why not go for it?

Forward To Val Thorens

With the UK facing stiff winds and battleship-grey skies, many of us on the quiet are day dreaming  of white mountains, powder, hard pack and the unexpected ice on the reds. You still have to get there though and for many of the great French resorts, transport options can be tedious. Ever since some lunatic decided that aircraft would be so much fun to make into a death-laden political statement using nothing but liquid explosives, security at airports has become unpalatably intrusive and painfully time-consuming. The security industry is happy and the airport retail outlets who sell you vastly over-priced water are extatic. For these and many other reasons, flying has lost its appeal on many fronts. For short haul trips taking the Eurostar tunnel or the ferry is an ever-more appealing option.

Well, there we are. Nothing for it but to install the ECU chip upgrade, crank up the sub and heave a sigh of frustration as you realise that dropping the suspension last year means that getting the snow chains on is now not much of a realistic option. You realise that getting talked into buying the hydraulic upgrade wasn’t so dumb even if it means your Julie didn’t get to Barbados twice that year and you ended up with third degree burns to the ear drum but hell, at least you can take your beast (and your Julie for that matter) into the mountain passages on your way to try out those zany appartments right next to the six-man chair. It’s better than looking at grey skies and the aprés ski is cool!